Golden Retriever Life Expectancy — Lifespan

Golden Retriever Life ExpectancyGolden Retriever Life Expectancy — Lifespan .

Golden Retriever life expectancy averages about 10 to 13 years but there are some steps you can take to help lengthen the lifespan of your canine companion.

Veterinarians and animal care professionals tend to calculate life expectancy based on many factors. One of these factors is genetics. Part of genetics is taking into account how long your Golden retriever’s parents and grandparents lived.

There are a few other factors to consider in figuring out how long he might live. These would include his current health, what you feed him, and how much exercise and mental stimulation he gets.

1- How Long Do Golden Retriever DOGS Live? Explained by Video

2- Steps You Can Take to Increase Golden Retriever Life Expectancy  (Puppies Specifically).

Sometimes there’s nothing we can do to prevent their early departure.Too many Golden retrievers are taken from us prematurely, through accidents or major illnesses such as cancer.

But there are a few ways you can increase the Golden Retriever life expectancy of your puppy, specifically:

  • Feed top quality dog food for your Golden retriever.
  • Spayor neuter (eliminating the possibility of several types of cancer).
  • Provide daily exercise.
  • Keeppoisons and toxins out of your dog’s reach.
  • Watch for signs of illness.
  • Schedule regular veterinary visits for good preventive health care.
  • Stay up-to-date on vaccinations.
  • Help your dog avoid excessive weight gain(often a challenge for Golden retriever dogs).

One factor in Golden Retriever life expectancy is just the fact that they’re one of the larger breeds of dogs.

Have you heard that big dogs don’t usually live as long as smaller dogs?. Do you know why that’s generally true?.

Well, it’s because the bodies of larger dogs must work harder (so they’re more stressed) than the bodies of smaller dogs.

3- Increase Golden Retriever Life Expectancy by Taking Care of your Aging dog.

Golden Retriever Life Expectancy - Aging dogAs we said, The Golden Retriever life expectancy or lifespan is certainly shorter than man’s and although that’s a hard fact to swallow, it is unfortunately true. Hence, when your Golden Retriever is aging, you have to be all the more careful and caring towards your pet dog. If you want to lengthen the Golden Retriever Life Expectancy as much as possible, here are several things that you could do.

3-1 Choosing the Right Veterinarian can increase Your Golden Retriever Lifespan

As your Golden Retriever gets older, his health needs increase as well. Hence, there are more reasons to keep your visits to the veterinarian and make sure that you pay at least one visit to your vet every six months. Remember, that’s the very least thing you can do so it’s better if you could make it every four months or so.

Because it’s undeniable that your aging pet dog will be more vulnerable to diseases, it’s crucial that you choose the right veterinarian for him. The right veterinarian would try his best to prevent your pet dog from being sick, help him recover as much as he can from whatever it is that does infect him and shall only suggest mercy killing as the very last resort.

3-2 Increase Your Golden Retriever Life Expectancy by Being Be Alert with Him.

Talk to your veterinarian and research about the common illnesses that affect aging pet dogs like yours so you’d know what signs to watch out for. It would surely be undesirable if you lose your pet dog because of sheer negligence so to be on the safer side, arm yourself with knowledge so that there’s nothing to regret later on.

3-3 Give Your Golden Retriever Dog the Best Food.

Golden Retriever Life Expectancy - best foodIf before, you tend to feed your Golden Retriever with food of mediocre quality, you can’t continue to do so anymore because your aging pet dog needs all the nourishing he can get. Hence, purchase the best quality of food that you can afford and make sure that he eats plenty and regularly. For aging pet dogs, it’s advisable to feed him two small diets per day rather than just letting him eat all he wants in one feeding.

You are, however, warned never to over feed your pet dog because animals can also have health problems resulting from obesity.

The importance of high quality food is well explained in the following video :

3-4 Give Your Golden Retriever All the Love You Can Give.

Remember, your aging Golden Retriever already has one foot on the grave and if you don’t want him to move on to the next life, it’s important to give your pet dog all the reason he needs to want to continue living. Shower your dog with love and affection so that you can be with him for a longer time.

3-5 Increasing Your Golden Retriever Dog’s Life Expectancy using medications.

Increasing Your Golden Retriever Dog’s Life Expectancy using medications is also possible. Learn more about this point in this video.

 * ** Video 1 : Increasing Your Dog’s Lifespan using medications

* ** Video N° 2 : Increasing Your Dog’s Lifespan using medications

Concerning anti-aging medication, you can use Premium Liquid Glucosamine for Dogs. It’s a great natural medicine for Joint Arthritis & Hip Dysplasia Pain Relief in dogs. Here is more about this magic medication:

4- Variations In Golden Retriever Life Expectancy ( Lifespan ).

It’s also true that the Golden retriever dog longevity varies from one dog to another and between different breeds. That fact is largely based on the stresses in his life (both physical and psychological), what he eats and the quality of care he receives.

Life expectancy charts for Golden retrievers may range from a low ten years to an optimistic fifteen years. My own companion, Peaches (pictured here), lived to the ripe old age of 14. We cherished every day we were blessed with her.

Golden Retriever lifespan is never as long as we want it to be. But taking special precautions during your Golden retriever’s sunset years can also help him live as long and healthy a life as possible. Whatever you do, make every day count!.

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