Paper Training Golden Retriever Puppies

Paper Training Golden Retriever Puppies 1

Paper Training Golden Retriever Puppies

Many trainers advise against paper training puppies at all. That’s because you’re giving your Golden Retriever puppy permission to relieve himself inside the house.

Of course, that’s the very thing you don’t ever want him to do. I totally agree with this excellent advice. I’m only including this section in case it’s the only way you can have a young puppy at all.

Problems With Paper Training Dogs

The Number One Problem is pretty obvious: Big dogs make big messes.

For that reason, paper training dogs as large as Golden Retrievers is just not a good idea.

Paper training puppies can also create a big problem later on. That’s because some grown-up paper trained dogs actually refuse to relieve themselves outside at all.

They’ll wait for hours to get home to the good old newspaper, or the place where the newspaper used to be.

Paper training small puppies may be helpful for a short period of time.

But a problem with using papers throughout a dog’s life is that it’s rarely 100 percent effective.

It also makes you really nervous when visiting in other people’s homes, as your dog may easily mistake your friend’s habit of setting the daily paper beside his lounge chair, for a flashing neon “Restroom” sign just for him.

Your Best Option–For Now

Do you live on the fifth floor of an apartment building?

Will there be times when no one is available to take the puppy outside every hour?

In your situation, it may be justifiable for you to paper train your Golden Retriever puppy as a temporarymeasure.

Paper training puppies can work in cases like this, if you combine using a crate with taking the puppy outside, to make the best of a less-than-ideal situation.

The Easiest Way to Paper Train a Dog

So you’ve decided that paper training puppies is your best option, given your circumstances?

OK, the next thing you need to decide is where to set up the “Puppy Bathroom.”

Choose an enclosed area in the kitchen, utility room or bathroom.

Having an easily cleaned floor, like linoleum or tile, will be a great time-saver.

Use newspapers to cover the floor of the entire room. It makes a cheap (or free) way to soak up the puddles and to wrap up and dispose of the puppy piles.

The big thing to remember when you put those papers down for the first time is that they’ll be removed for good–soon.

The shorter the time the puppy is relieving himself inside the house, the better it will be for everyone.

Put your puppy’s crate (with the door open) at one end of the room. This arrangement will reinforce his natural instinct to sleep in one place and dirty in another.

It’s also a good way to combine crate training with paper training. This will eventually leading to having a fully crate-trained, housebroken dog.

Basically, paper training puppies follows the same rules as housebreaking puppies, but you’ll take your pup to papers instead of outside.

Paper Training Puppies — Step by Step

As far as the actual training is concerned, here’s the best way to go about it:

  • Begin the first minute you bring a puppy home.
  • Put some newspapers down where you want the Golden Retriever puppy to go and show him where they are.
  • Before long, your puppy will start to sniff and circle, or start to squat. Be ready.
  • Pick him up and gently put him down on the papers, praising him with “Gooood dog!”
  • Every time he starts to relieve himself, even if you’re a little late, gently put him on the papers with “Gooood dog!” It won’t be long before he goes over and eliminates on the papers all by himself.
  • When he’s made it to the papers on his own steam, and been praised for it consistently, you can start getting a little tough. Tell him “No!” when he starts to go on the bare floor, and “Gooood dog!” after you’ve put him gently on the papers. He’ll catch on quickly.

More Tips For Paper Training Puppies

  • Change the papers after each use. Put a slightly soiled paper underneath the fresh ones. Your Golden Retriever puppy’s keen sense of smell will zero in on the “bathroom smell,” encouraging him to use this spot for his business.
  • Wipe under papers with pet odor eliminators daily. This keeps the smell off the floor, discouraging the pup from sniffing the edge of the paper but actually going off of it.
  • Putting waxed paper or plastic under the papers can save your floor from staining or long-term odor.
  • Don’t leave the papers in the same spot for too long. You don’t want the puppy to get the idea that it’s the location rather than the papers that makes it OK to eliminate there.
  • Gradually move the papers closer and closer to the door the puppy will be using to go outside. This starts him on the way toward going to the door to tell you that he needs to be emptied.

By the way, paper training puppies–except maybe for a sickly puppy or for the very first few days–is not a substitute for housebreaking a puppy to the outdoors.

You should take your puppy on plenty of outdoor walks, encourage him to relieve himself outside, and praise him when he does.

This outdoor work needs to be going on while you’re also using the papers.

Golden Retriever puppies grow up veryquickly.

It won’t be along before you realize that paper training puppies just isn’t the best way to go for your Golden ball of fluff.

Do whatever it takes to move on to completely housebreaking your Golden Retriever puppy to the outdoors.

It will definitely be worth it.

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