Golden Retriever Dog And Puppies Information

Golden retriever dog

Are you considering getting a dog and thinking about a golden retriever dog?. Did you know they all share common golden retriever dog and puppies behavior as far as their personalities and training abilities?. In this article, we will give you all information about this lovely breed.

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dogs in the world. This breed has been created to brighten up the life of people and make the world a better place. It is amicable and has a very attractive appearance. Due to their appearance, Golden Retriever dogs are often filmed in ads and movies. Golden Retrievers are inborn actors.

As an owner of a Golden Retriever dog or puppy; you should never ignore your dog. If you are working or just doing whatever it is you do, as working, playing, sleeping or going for a walk; your Golden Retriever dog will be very happy to do it with you.

Golden Retriever Dog And Puppies Information

Golden Retriever dog is the Smarter dog, and eager to please. He excels as working dog, hunter and family companion.

Golden Retriever dog origins and history.

The Golden Retriever dog, or just Golden is a British-born dog breed. The “Golden Retriever” is a very popular breed since the 1990s. He also is one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. Golden’s a medium sized dog with a long dress coat, cream to dark brown. In 2005, According to statistics of the AKC (American Kennel Club), Golden Retriever dog was the second most popular breed. Golden Retrievers were popular because they were recognized as a breed.

Golden Retriever dog originated in Scotland. They were bred to be Retriever for bird hunters. There are different opinions about which breeds were crossed to develop the Golden Retriever. Most experts believe that Golden Retriever dogs were the original cross with Tweed Water Spaniel and retriever breed yellow dog.

Golden Retriever Dog Characteristics: Coat and color.

golden retriever dog colorAs the name suggests, the color pattern of the Golden Retriever dogs ranges from yellow and golden to cream. Although Golden Retrievers come in a variety of colors, they should not be of dark red. As a matter of fact, many Americans prefer bright colors in Golden Retrievers. Meanwhile, the British stick to traditional colors of medium intensity. Breeders and owners in northern countries are known for their passion to light colors in Golden Retrievers.

The hair on Golden Retrievers bodies range from curly, strait, and feathered, with different degrees of shine. These dogs are by no means small dogs. They are range from 55 to 75 pounds. The Golden Retriever males tend to grow larger by comparison to females. Caring for your Golden Retriever dog will need plenty of grooming. Something to keep in mind for the exceptionally house-proud people, is that these dogs have very coarse hair that will find its way everywhere in the house.

The golden retrievers are strong and are valued for their soft mouth. They do not damage game while bringing it to the hunter. Actually, Golden Retrievers are wonderful dogs that excel in hunting, canine sports. They love shows. This can make them perfect companions.

If you do not know how to recognize a Golden Retriever dog, you do not need to look far. Some famous Golden Retriever dogs are in the films “Air Bud” and “Full House”.

Golden Retriever dog American and Canadian.

Golden retriever dog - american and canadianThere are two type of Golden Retriever dogs: American and Canadian. The only difference between them is in their appearance. They have wider and shorter muzzle, blockier forehead and shorter legs. Canadian Golden Retriever are generally heavier than the American type.

Though both British type and American type male Goldens measure 22–24 inches in height at the shoulders and female slightly shorter stand 21.5 to 22.5 inches tall at shoulder height. An American Golden retriever is lankier and less stocky than a Canadian type. An average male Golden Retriever weighs, not specified in the UK standard, 65 to 75 pounds and females weigh from 55 to 65 pounds. While the eyes of American Golden Retrievers are of triangular or slanted composition. Their European counterparts are noted for their roundness and darkness.

Golden Retrievers vary widely in color. While a Golden Retriever of American breeding have “rich, lustrous golden of various shades” coat color, the coat color of Canadian Retrievers can be of any shade of gold or cream. Golden retriever Americans like hunting dogs with their slim body and long legs and thin. The American Golden Retriever dog’s coat is darker than in Canadian one, sometimes almost red.

Golden Retriever puppies.

golden retriever dog and puppies

Golden Retriever puppies take about two years to get to their size and weight. They are about two feet tall at the shoulders or a little shorter. The average weight of a Golden Retriever is 60 – 80 pounds for dogs (27 – 36 kg) and 55 – 70 pounds (25 – 32 kg) for females.

Golden Retriever dogs are a handful when they are puppies. Golden Retriever dogs requires also much attention and companionship for life to be happy. Stay active and playful throughout their adult lives. Because of their breeding lines, the combination of a Frisbee and a day at the beach is a paradise for Golden Retriever dog.

Golden Retriever dog temperament and activities.

Golden Retriever dog temperament and activities.

The breed’s friendly, tolerant attitude makes him a great family dog. His intelligence makes him a highly capable working dog. But compared to other dogs your Golden Retriever dog or puppies are not well-suited for apartment living. Because of this your Golden Retriever dog requires a large amount of exercises. This dog is an avid swimmer and loves the outdoors exercises. The Golden retriever dogs are also natural athletes. They are principal participants to the sporting dogs developed over 1,200 years ago. They do well in dog sports such as agility and competitive obedience. Relating to hunting, Golden Retriever dog instinctively loves to retrieve things. So be sure you have plenty of throw toys to accommodate your dog.

Golden retriever dog with policeGolden Retriever dogs are the best scent detecting dogs in the world. They are very good in the detection of explosives and drugs as well as for a wide array of rescue operation and tracking. Most importantly, Golden Retriever dogs are the best of the best in assisting the disabled people, especially the blind.

If you have enough energy for his playful, lovable, and excited character, Golden Retriever dog can be the perfect pet for you. He is a very intelligent dog that is easy to train and loves to please his owners. But Golden Retriever dog can get a little anxious when left alone for a long time.

If you want to take decision on the temperament when choosing your dog, it’s hard to find a better than a Golden Retriever. Golden Retriever dogs are less likely to bite than any other dog. In addition, Golden Retriever like humans is very friendly with children. This breed is very friendly, playful and intelligent. They also get along great with other dogs.

Training and Common Golden Retriever Dog Behavior.

Training and Common Golden Retriever dog Behavior

It’s true that the golden retriever dog is one of the most popular pets in households with and without children. They are easily adaptable to just about any lifestyle, but there are some dog behavior problems that can happen with golden retrievers.

Golden retrievers are a large sporting dog, which means they are active. If you do not properly exercise you dog, it can lead to destructive golden retriever dog behavior such as chewing or digging in inappropriate areas. The golden retriever dog came from Britain in the 1800′s, but today they are popular all over the world for their gentle disposition.

Golden Retriever Dog Needs Daily Exercises.

To avoid negative behavior, it is important to make sure your golden retriever is getting the proper daily exercise of both his mind and body.

Invest in some dog puzzle toys, which makes the dog think, such as getting food out of a toy, it keeps the golden retriever dog’s mind sharp and active. Good golden retriever behavior follows when the dog has an exercised body and mind.

Begin Your Golden Retriever Dog Training At a Young Age.

If you adopt your golden retriever at a young age, You can begin training immediately, which will stop dog behavior problems before they start. Of course, enrolling your dog in puppy obedience class is one way to learn how to handle your dog before he or she becomes an adult. Male golden retrievers can weigh up to 80 pounds while females weigh up to 60 pounds. So there is a bit of a size difference between males and females. But that is the only real difference, both males and females have a sweet disposition and are trainable when you begin early training.

However, let’s assume you adopt a full grown golden retriever from the animal shelter in your area. They are still trainable, even when an adult. Therefore, you can correct the adult dog potties in the house. Because with the proper reinforcing training, you can train any golden retriever to display the behaviors you want it to.

Golden Retriever Grooming is important as Training.

In addition to your typical golden retriever behavior training, you will also need to brush your dog at least every other day. Golden retrievers do shed year round, so keep this in mind when you are choosing your puppy. Of course, regular brushing and bathing helps to keep the shedding under control. Be sure to concentrate the brushing behind the years, under the arms, the hind area and the tail since these are common areas for mats to form. (Here are more about Golden Retriever Grooming)

I’s very important to know how to handle Golden Retriever dog behavior problems with positive reinforcement training and adopting a training schedule. This will help keep any negative behaviors at bay so that you and your golden retriever will have a happy life together.

Golden Retriever Dog and Health Problems.

Golden Retriever dog and health problems.Golden Retriever needs low maintenance then most dog breeds. However, Golden retriever dog or puppies problems can develop as your dog ages, which you need to be aware of so you know what to look for and what to expect.

Diet helps a great deal to keep the common golden retrievers health problems at bay. Therefore, make sure you are feeding your golden retriever dog or puppy a meat-based diet, with no preservatives and no common allergen such as wheat and corn. Check the ingredients on the food you give your Golden retriever. And make sure the first ingredient is a named meat product that is in meal form or dehydrated. The rest of the ingredients should be recognizable to you. Avoid supermarket brand dog food with the colorful bags or the different colored nuggets of food. Your dog does not care about the color or shape of the food.

Hip dyspepsia in Golden retriever dogs.

Some of the golden retriever dog problems that can happen is hip dyspepsia, which is common in larger breed dogs. This is a problem of the hip joint not fitting into the socket snugly, which can be brought on by arthritis in the hips. Without treatment it can lead to lameness in both of the hind legs. As your golden retriever dog reaches middle age, you probably will want to have your veterinarian do a quick x-ray of the hips. x-ray can help to see if there is any early development of arthritis, because the early the treatment, the better outcome for your dog.

Other Golden retriever problems include cataracts.

Cataracts in golden retriever dog is not an old dog disease. It can strike younger dogs as well, but like with humans, they can actually remove the cataract from one or both eyes to improve your dog’s vision. Cataracts are typically seen as the clouding of the lens of the eye, as it turns white, the puppy or dog is no longer able to see. Again, early treatment is the best.

Golden Retriever dogs and Severe allergies.

While golden retrievers problems are not a major concern when they are very young, some develop severe allergies. Allergies in does can be due to their food, pollen in the air, and flea bites, but dogs do not display allergy symptoms like humans do, such as sneezing and watery eyes.

Instead, if your golden retriever dog or puppy is biting on his or her feet excessively, chances are, they have allergies. These can be treated with allergy medication. But the best way to treat it is to find the source of the allergen, if it is due to the food, changing their food often does the trick.

Remember there are some health problems that have to be aware of before buying golden retriever dog.

The golden retriever problems, like all breeds, if caught early, can in fact be treated and corrected so that it does not turn into a health problem that is worse later in their lives.

If you desire buy a Golden Retriever dog or puppy, there are some health problems that have to be aware of. If you buy from a breeder, ask around and find one with a best and solid reputation. Other common diseases, and health problems for Golden Retriever dogs are cancer, cataracts, heart disease, and hot spots.

If you have not already done so, you must take your new Golden Retriever puppy to the veterinarian. Be sure also to take the puppy’s record of shots and immunization record along with any other health information and data you may have.

You should always have your Golden Retriever dog on vitamins. Dont forget also to ask your vet about heartworms in dogs and flea bites prevention.

Table 1 : Common Golden Retriever Dog Health Problems.
ConditionRisk ProfileCost to Diagnose and Treat
Hip DysplasiaHigh$1,500-$6,000
Sub-Aortic StenosisMedium$500-$1500
Skin AllergyMedium$2,000-$4,000
Estimates based on claims paid by Embrace Pet Insurance

Golden Retriever Dog information : Conclusion.

The main beauty of the Golden Retriever is its coat. Unfortunately, the Golden Retriever’s breed is not the better choice for people who suffer from allergy. They should choose another breed. Generally, the Golden Retriever is good for all people who have no allergy and are ready to devote much time and attention to their pets.

Golden Retriever dog has always been, and probably always will, THE POPULAR DOG. He is one of the best choices for a family dog. And there are many large Golden Retriever dog who desperately needs a home.

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