Golden Retriever Potty Training

Golden Retriever Potty Training.

Golden Retriever Potty TrainingGolden retriever Potty training can be of immense help to you as they learn to free themselves outside the house and not inside the crate or home. You would be glad to know that golden retrievers learn to do their job outside the home sooner than many other dog breeds. When you begin training your dog, in the initial days, he will continue to have the urge to urinate after every 2 to 3 hours. To start with, you can set an alarm to take your dog out or to settle him at the designated place to do his business. He might just give you a sleepy look when you wake him up in the middle of the night but he will have no other choice than to go and do his business.

If you take too long, the dog may end up spilling while on his way to the place. Do not punish your puppy for this as he will not be able to understand why you are doing this. You obviously cannot take the pup out to pee in the middle of the night so you can fix a particular place in the house where he can pee at night. After he is done with his business, you should clean the place with water and vinegar so that the smell goes away completely and he does not get stimulated to pee there again. The first few weeks of a golden retriever potty training would need a lot of patience and care from your side.

As a few days pass, you would automatically come to know when he feels the ‘need’ so that you can take required action. Do not distract your dog when he is doing his business as all he needs to do is what he is there for. Sometimes the dog is outside for hours but does not get the time to urinate. As soon as he gets home, he poops. To stop this behavior, you can put some old sheets of newspaper near the door so that he knows that his business is to be done there. This can be done at night. During the day, he should be taken outside the home to learn to pee and poop outside the home.

If you teach your dog to abide by your ‘relief’ order while potty training a golden retriever, this will be very helpful to you as well. Whenever your golden retriever goes out to urinate or poop, repeat the command but with a cheerful tone. He will then be able to relate these words to the work he has to do. You can then give him the same order even when you take him to some other spot.

A golden retriever Potty training is easy only if you know the right process and take the right approach. Follow the above mentioned steps and you will find it easy to make your doggy learn potty habits. Remember to be firm with him as he is one of your best friends and not just a pet.

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