How To Stop Your Golden Retriever Dog From Biting

How To Stop Your Golden Retriever Dog From Biting.

How To Stop Your Golden Retriever Dog From BitingFor the most part, Golden Retriever dogs are incredibly devoted and caring dogs that make a great family pet. However, sometimes a combination of environmental factors and personality traits can create a situation where Golden Retriever biting becomes a major issue. If you’re currently dealing with Golden Retriever biting, know that it is not a lost cause.

Dogs being dogs are predators in nature. So are Golden Retrievers! Predatory instincts in Golden Retriever dogs never completely disappear. They may continue chasing other animals, small children, and biting at things and peoples. Is your Golden Retriever biting and barking your visitors away? Looking for effective ways to handle this? Domestication can mitigate this behavior to the extent that they become a truly docile member of your family. Here’s how to stop your golden retriever dog from biting.

Why Golden Retrievers Bite.

To start with, all dogs have the chance to bite. However, Golden Retrievers are very reactive and highly intelligent dogs. This means that they are very sensitive to you and your family and can grow anxious and fearful easily if not given the right kind of supportive home environment.

Biting is a puppy behavior in Golden retrievers. They also have tendency for nipping. Both of these behaviors should be discouraged especially when you have small children at your home. You need to exhibit care around strangers as well as your little Golden retrievers can hurt an unsuspecting stranger or a passer-by with the intention of not to hurt them but to get their attention to play – after all Golden retrievers are the most playful of all dog breeds.

Other reasons why your dog bites, it usually stems from fear. Fear biting occurs when a Golden retriever dog grows so fearful and anxious of their position in a situation that they will lash out with a bite, hoping to protect themselves from a strange person or dog.

Additionally, fear can develop for your golden retriever dog when they do not have a strong, stable home environment. Many dog owners think they are being supportive of their dogs by providing everything they need and want.

Some source of fear could also include early life abuse and mistreatment. If you have adopted your golden retriever dog, you’ll need to be very wary of any potential fear based behaviours.

For Golden Retriever dogs, a fear-imprint stage occurs between 8 and 14 weeks of age. In that very crucial stage, Golden Retrievers will develop fears of things that may be otherwise irrational.

However, dogs are not like humans and simple affection is not enough to keep them happy. They need a strong, powerful leadership figure that they can defer to for protection. When they have an alpha leader in their pack (this should be you), they don’t need to worry about protection. They have you.

Your job, as an golden retriever’s owner is to show the dog that there is nothing to fear. You cannot coddle the dog or reassure them after they show fear, or you will reinforce that fear and make it worse.

Goldens want to play and nip so their mother or the playmates teach them when it is too hard a bite. Now with you and us, that is with humans, any bite is too hard especially with small children. So how do you control Golden Retriever biting? Consistent training and conditioning to human behavior will help. You need to remember there aren’t any bad dogs but just bad masters.

How to Handle and Stop Golden Retriever Dog From Biting.

Now the big question is how to discourage Golden Retriever biting? and how to stop your golden retriever dog from biting?. The most basic thing that you may do is to pretend to be their mother dog, meaning you teach them when they are really hard in their bites. The point is how you teach them. Well, you could yell at them, and yell loudly, every time they bite. In your yells, you could mention NO, STOP, or DON’T BITE. Gradually, they would realize that biting doesn’t go well you and they must stop doing that. Besides, you could always assert on your Golden retriever that you are the master. This assertion could be through sudden removal of your Golden retriever’s food so as to startle them. They would realize that to get food, they have to obey you.

Some Golden retriever puppies will playfully bite your fingers or your toes. It appears cute and you laugh, but it will give your Golden retriever puppy the impression that it is alright to bite skin. Some Golden retriever puppies like to tug socks and puppies look adorable when they do this. If you just watch your pet with smiling eyes, your puppy will assume that you approve of it biting anything that he sees, like clothes and rugs. Golden retriever puppy biting is always a bad habit. And all dog trainers agree that the best thing an owner can do is to prevent such bad habit from forming. In fact, the general rule in training your Golden retriever puppy is to never allow it to do something that you don’t want it to repeat again.

To stop biting behavior in your Golden retrievers, you should take care of one very important aspect – never pull back when they bite you. It gives them the impression that they dominate. Rather when they bite, you should move forward towards them as if to intimidate them, making a fierce eye connection and scaring them. If they rip you clothes, just roll them over their body and pin them there for few minutes to embezzle them as to what happened. They would take care not to repeat that.

Other technique to prevent your Golden retriever from developing the biting habit is to give a loud yelp and leave the Golden retriever puppy when it begins to nip at your toe or your finger. Since puppies are naturally gregarious, your pup will take your leaving as a form of punishment. It will realize that it has done something wrong. And it will remember that the last thing it did was nip at your toe. Therefore, nipping the toe must be wrong and not allowed by the master.

To make sure that the Golden retriever puppy will not assume that playing is wrong, you may return with a toy. You may teach the puppy to play with the toy. If it goes to nip your toe again, repeat your reaction – yelp and walk away. You may even glare for a good measure. But you may expect to do this training technique for several times before the puppy fully understands what you were teaching. In the meantime, you need to be patient and persistent.

While you are teaching your Golden retriever puppy not to develop the biting habit, there are also certain games that you must avoid. Some examples of these games are tug-of-war, chase and tackle, and any other games that incite the puppy to bite a person.

You can use several tried and tested methods to stop Golden Retriever dog from biting – a firm NO, a slight rebuke, a loud yell, a distraction to something else – all of them work. However, realizing that it is absolutely a natural behavior for them, you have to be patient and rational. In the course of time, over your understanding of your Golden retriever dog, you will see that you yourself develop an ingenious method, consciously or subconsciously, to stop biting behavior in your Golden retriever dog or puppy.

If your Golden retriever puppy continues to bite and this is accompanied by an alarming growling and aggression, then it will be best for you to contact a behaviorist who can better understand what is causing this dangerous display. You must also have your puppy examined by a veterinarian. The biting may be your puppy’s way of telling you that it does not feel well.

At the same time, educate your children on how to treat the puppy well. They must never startle any puppy or dog. A scared puppy will bite. They must not tease or hurt the puppy. Even the most loyal and tolerant puppy may retaliate if it cannot stand the abuse anymore.


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