Golden Retriever Puppies

Golden Retriever Puppies : Arriving at home (the first night …)

golden retriever puppies

Looking for a great Golden Retriever puppies, is a great experience full of challenges. Find your Golden Retriever puppies among serious farms will be more safe.

Golden retriever puppies, like babies, demand considerable time and attention, especially during the first months of their life. Acquired habits and experiences during this period will affect their health, behavior and personality for the rest of their lives. Puppy raised with love, care and patience as we recommend, will become a happy and integrated with your family member.

Arriving at home (the first night …)

The arrival of Golden Retriever puppies at home is a happy event for your family.

For your golden retriever puppies, however, this experience could be difficult. Because your puppy just left the comfort and security of the mother, your home becomes a strange and confusing environment. You must help theim integrate his new home by preparing his arrival.

A plastic basket, easy to clean, comfortable mats on the bottom will be his den. Put your golden retriever puppies in a warm and quiet place. And make sure that nobody bothers theim.

Do not try to punish your puppy by sending him in his basket. Remember that this is his house; he must feel safe at it.

The first night of your golden retriever puppies in their new home.

Almost all puppies cry the first night in their new home. To help your puppies to overcome their loneliness, install theim comfortably in their ‘den’.

During the first night, put in their plastic basket a hot water bottle wrapped in a blanket. The sound of the radio in background can convince theim that they are not alone.

Make your home safe for your golden retriever puppies.

Golden retrievers puppies play like young children, they like to explore. For this reason, it is important to eliminate the potential dangers of their environment. Cleaning products and disinfectants can be extremely dangerous for him. The apparent electrical cables and the small toys that can be swallowed also present a danger;

Remember that some plants are toxic to dogs.

 Golden Retriever puppies as all puppies like to nible

Dont forget also, that golden retriever puppies, as all puppies, like to nible. This exercise relieves their gums when teething. Instead of preventing this normal and healthy activity, you can provide him with specific objects like bones to nible. Your puppy will be less tempted to chew your furniture or slippers, if toys are available to him.

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