Golden Retriever Dogs : Health Facts and Data on Rabies

Golden Retriever Dogs and RabiesGolden Retriever Dogs : Health Facts and Data on Rabies

Commonly associated with the antics of Cujo, rabies is one of the most popular viruses allover the world. On the contrary, the rabies stereotype of a DOG foaming at the mouth and acting in an uncontrollable aggressive manner, it is actually an uncommon scenario. Since Golden retriever dogs and other animals are actively vaccinated and eradicated, rabies account for very few annual human deaths in America.

Across the United States, mountain states such as: Colorado, Montana, Utah, Seattle and Portland report the lowest incidences of animal contracted rabies amongst humans. Across the prairie states (the Midwest), the Plains, and in the Big Horn, Texas, the major carrier of the rabies is the striped skunk.

On the east coast, raccoons are contagious scoundrels of rabies. Both bats and foxes can transmit human exposure. In reality, the urbanized rabbit or even squirrel can pass on rabies to humans.

So, who is at risk of rabies? From veterinarians, to families who live in close proximity of wildlife and travelers, these groups rank as the highest risk. Vaccination for high-risk exposure people is the best protection. As for family pets are concerned, any non-vaccinated dog, rabbit, ferret and any other animal that is in close range or contact with wildlife is at a heightened risk of exposure. So vaccination is very important for your and your lovely golden retriever dog.

Outside of the United States of America, the death rates of rabies is staggering. Essentially, various estimations and studies attribute rabies to the human death rate. For instance in southern Asia, more than 10,000 fatalities are caused by rabies. Throughout Africa, rabies is rampant amongst golden retriever dogs, jackals, mongooses and cats. But in the British Isles, Antarctica and Australia, rabid animals are a rarity.

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