Puppy Socialization

Golden Retriever puppy socialization

golden retriever puppy socialization

Puppy socialization

Psychologist studies have shown that children and young animals pass critical times during growth. Socialization is critical for your Golden Retriever puppies. Puppy socialization is the process of exposing your puppy to a large variety of sights, smells, sounds, and experiences.

The most important skill that your Golden Retriever puppies must have is skill concerning his behavior against other animals and humains in different circumstances: puppy socialization.

Golden Retriever puppies trained with little human contact will have, later, difficulty developing friendships and relationships with people. It means problem with your puppy socialization.

Golden retriever puppy who have never met or played with other dogs will have a timid attitude with them as adult. Golden Retriever puppies that were not exposed to young children, to cars, noise and unfamiliar places will be fearful, anxious and unpredictable when they are in a strange environment.

Puppy socialization can be done at any age. But, the most critical age to start socializing is when your Golden Retriever puppy is very young. Around two month old, your puppy’s brain soaks up everything and learns quickly. By socializing your puppy at a young age, he will be prepared for most anything.

How to Socialize Your Puppy

You should start your puppy socialization and training your golden retriever puppy as soon as he arrives at home. Spend lot of time with your golden retriever puppy, and give him the opportunity to face many different situations as possible. Encourage your golden retriever puppy to explore new things (Entering and exiting your car, walking by passing cars, walking on a variety of surfaces exposing to sharp, loud noises, meeting new friendly puppies, dogs and pets). Well trained golden retriever puppy will be a happy dog, confident, sociable and able to deal with different situations without anxiety.

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