Golden Retriever Puppy and Housebreaking

Golden Retriever Puppy and Housebreaking

Golden retriever puppy

If you have a Golden Retriever at your home, it is understandable that you want him to do his business outside the house. Housebreaking of the new Golden Retriever puppy should begin the moment the puppy enters your house. And your foremost concern is to train your Golden Retriever puppy not to urinate all over your place. But first, you must understand that a puppy’s muscles are not yet developed to the point that it can postpone releasing his urine. If he has to go, he will go. The puppy will most probably have the ability to control his pee when he reaches three months. In the meantime, expect the Golden Retriever puppy to urinate about six times a day. This means that housebreaking your new Golden Retriever puppy will take patience, time, and a lot of work.

If you make use of proper techniques to train your dog for the same, this process will not take much time. Along with Golden Retriever house training, you should also provide him crate training. This will make them understand the fact that they do not have to soil their crate. If they are trained properly, they will never soil their crate unless they cannot help it or if they have diarrhea. When you are housetraining your golden retriever, he would learn to ‘hold’ it.

The first thing you need to know about your Golden Retriever puppies is that they need to relieve themselves a lot. They tend to pee after naps, play sessions, drinking water and even otherwise. They poo as well after they have had their meal in evening and morning. He usually urinates after eating. This is because the full stomach pushes the colon and the bladder. Your Golden Retriever puppy knows that he will pee really soon and this is why he may turn in circles or sniff around. When a puppy does these things, especially after a meal, do not assume that he wants to play with you. He is sniffing and looking for the right place to urinate. What you need to do quickly is to take the Golden Retriever puppy out so that he can relive himself. It’s the place you have designated as the area to relieve himself. Do it even when your puppy is busy playing and partying. Once you bring the puppy to this area, do not attempt to play with him. This is a business trip, not a leisure excursion. The puppy senses that it is what you want – to pee in this place only. But be patient with your pet. Rushing him will not make him understand your purpose in the first place. Dog trainers advise that you give your young Golden Retriever pet about ten minutes to complete his business.

When your puppy goes out to his business, do not forget to praise him in a happy voice till the time he is finished with it. You will see your pup responding well to your happy and excited voice. While the process of golden retriever house training is still on, the pup might accidentally pee inside the house. Do not scold him for this. Prefer to say nothing. Your pup will himself understand the difference between happy praise outside and dead silence inside the house when he does his business. You should only scold him if he continues to do this for weeks after house training. Do not start giving him a lecture. Just say ‘no’ in a firm voice and take him outside.

It will also be to your advantage if you associate words with the actions of your Golden Retriever puppy. If you notice the puppy wanting to urinate or defecate, you may clearly enunciate the word “outside”. If you do this often enough, the puppy will come to associate the word “outside” as the ideal place for him to relieve himself. At the first sign or proof that the puppy understands this, you must immediately praise the Golden Retriever puppy. He will know that you were pleased. And since dogs naturally want to please their master, he will remember what he has done that earned your approval. And soon, you need not keep escorting your puppy. He knows what “outside” means.

If your puppy happens to pee on a place where he should not, immediately show your displeasure by sharply saying “No!” You need not use physical force on the defenseless puppy. But do not wait for him to finish his business before you get upset. If you do, he will think that the mess made you upset, and not the act of peeing on the wrong place.

Up until the age of five months, you need to keep a watchful eye on your Golden Retriever puppy. This will be his training period. Afterwards, you will enjoy the easy life of a housebroken Golden Retriever.

Conclusion :

If your golden retriever puppy has not been trained, it might pee whenever he feels the urge. This is where you feel the need of golden retriever house training. You will have to train him to ‘hold’ the urge till the time he is out in the open and has a place to relieve himself. Puppies will not pee in their crates and when training the puppies, take the pup out in the crate itself and then take him out. This will reduce the chances of the pup peeing on the way to an open space.

An important thing to remember in golden retriever house training is that you should never rub the nose of your puppy when it is doing its business. It is considered a big disgrace for your dog and he might think that you are crazy. Always remember that golden retriever house training is a process that demands commitment, patience and supervision. Do not expect your dog to be trained in a few minutes. Be kind to him and keep praising him for all the good jobs and he will love you for it. Love your dog and he will love you back and will be the best friend you could ever have.


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