Golden Retriever Puppy Food

Best Food For Your Golden Retriever Puppies


Your puppies are carnivores, and need to eat meat.

GIVE ONLY THE RAW MEAT AND VARY YOUR MEAT PUPPIE’S MENUS. Lean meats are chicken; turkey, rabbit, horse, beef 5% fat and fatty meats are the duck, beef 15% fat and the lamb.

LIVER CHICKEN because it is rich in iron and contains excellent protein, it also provides vitamin A for the immune system but also K vitamin needed for blood clotting and helps to fix the calcium in bones.

FAT FISH such as sardines and salmon are rich in calcium 300 to 400mg per 100g and vitamin D they contain calcium. They are especially suitable for growing puppies and adults. Know that the fish lightly cooked will be more prefered by your Golden Retriever puppies.

GREEN BEANS and other green vegetables because they help the assimilation of proteins, boiled (carrots, leeks, mixed vegetables …).

WELL COOKED WHITE RICE because it is more digestible and it is the least allergenic of starches.

RAPESEED OIL and SALMON OIL alternately. Those oils contain essential fatty acids, and salmon oil contains more antioxidants.

PROPORTIONS PER DAY ARE : 1/3 MEAT OR FISH – 1/3 RICE – 1/3 VEGETABLE (always mixing cold ingredients to avoid the destruction of enzymes and vitamins) + alternately one tablespoon of rapeseed or salmon oil and per 10 kg weight.

The food ration per day for the puppy will be about 6 to 8% of his weight distributed in two meals. For the adult Golden Retriever dog, The ration per day, will be between 2 and 4% of his weight distributed in one meal.

Do not overload the stomach of your dog (adult) during activities and in this case prefer to give him 1/3 of his morning ration and the rest in the evening.

CHEESE, Gruyère or yoghurt, 1 piece per day until his third year.

You can add a bit of yeast, it will act positively on skin and intestinal transit, due to one PC per 10 Kg weight (in supermarkets).

FRUIT – mashed banana with a fork because it is rich in magnesium and C vitamin, it will complement the effect of green beans.

WATER – fresh and clean constantly.

CALCIQUE SUPPLEMENT for bone with Calcium & Phosphorus, because the meat is very rich in phosphorus, but is low in calcium! you will find it easily in internet, do not give petphos because it is unsuitable for this diet based on raw meat.

The best source of calcium for your Golden Retriever puppies are in this order: egg shells with 40g per 100g, bone powder with 30g per 100g, Gruyère about 150 to 180mg per 100g yoghurt 150mg per 100g.

You can give bones but only large joints STRICTLY RAW.

To properly adjust, you shuold know that a raw chicken liver weighs on average 50g, an oil tablespoon weighs 12g, rice will triple its weight and its volume after cooking. An egg with its shell weighs 60g (with white), a banana about 100g peeled.

Remember that your Golden Retriever puppy must grow without excess weight!

Overweight is dangerous for the organs of your Golden Retriever puppies, especially, heart, kidneys, and his skeleton, including his joints.


NO STARCHY FOODS (lentils, dry beans, potatoes)
NO FERMENTED CHEESE (camembert, brie, blue etc)


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