The Bizarre Dog Eating Habits

The Bizarre Dog Eating Habits.

Golden Retriever Dog Eating Habits

Golden Retriever dogs are sometimes found to display bizarre dog eating habits. These are not normal and can alarm the concerned dog owner. Such dog eating habits can endanger the health and life of your precious Golden Retrievers. Here are some examples of such bizarre dog eating habits, and the procedures that a dog owner can do to help his friend.

Bizarre dog eating habit N°1: Gulping all the food at once.

Your Golden Retriever dog or puppy quickly eats his food as if the end of the world is near. This eating habit can be a signal that your dog becomes vulnerable to choking.
What the dog’s owner can do.
– Spread his food over a wide eating bowl or cookie sheet.
– Place a large ball of similar object at the center of his food dish, so that he will be forced to navigate around the ball to eat his food.
– Feed the dog by hand, so that the dog’s eating pace is controlled by the owner. This will make the Golden Retriever dog or puppy realize that whether he eats fast or slow, he still needs to wait for his master.

Bizarre dog eating habit N°2: Taking the food to various areas in the house.

Second bizarre dog eating habit is bringing the food to different places around the house. This habit can create a lot of mess and the cleaning of such can seriously take up much of the owner’s precious time. If some places are missed or remained unclean, these can become breeding grounds for harmful organisms that can make your Golden Retriever dog sick.
What the Golden Retriever dog owner can do.
– Find out the places where the dog carries the food so that his reasons for taking the food there can be figured out.
– If your Golden Retriever brings his food to wherever the owner goes, your Golden Retriever simply wants to eat with his master. Thus, the owner must accept the imminent fact that the dog will always eat with him.

Bizarre dog eating habit N°3: Eating too frequently.

Snacking too often may or may not be a problem for your Golden Retriever dog. For dogs or puppies that have no weight problems, that is, they can eat as much as they want, without suffering obesity, snacking all day is fine as long as the dog owner’s pockets don’t suffer much. But some dogs become prone to obesity and other related diseases when they snack all day.
What the dog owner can do.
– Restrict his access to his food.
– Set specific times for giving his food.
– Limit the duration of his eating time. That is, give him the food dish at a certain time, wait for thirty minutes, and then take the food dish away.

Bizarre dog eating habits N°4: Snubbing the food.

The commonly assumed reason why a dog or puppy refuses to it is that he is not hungry. But this is not always the case. A Golden Retriever dog who keeps on snubbing his food will eventually become weak and sickly.
What the owner can do.
– Find out the reason why your Golden Retriever dog snubs his food?. This reason can be a new home, new environment, another dog, etc.
– Entice your dog with a variety of foods because he may only be choosy about the taste.
– Bring your Golden Retriever dog to the veterinarian for a check-up because refusing the food may be a symptom of a more serious health problem.

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