Urinary Tract Infection UTI : Causes, Dog Uti Symptoms And Treatement

Urinary Tract Infection UTI in dogUrinary Tract Infection UTI : Causes, Symptoms And Treatement

What Causes Urinary Tract Infections In Dogs 

Having to be able to hold out the call of nature when it really becomes uncontrollable could be called a skill. In human’s cases, we all try to hold it out and wait to find the restroom that has become a paradise.

Now, you wouldn’t want your Golden Retriever dog being able to suffer the same condition of not being able to hold it out. When your dog will not be able to control it, it will probably pee anywhere it sees fit. When that situation happens your house will smell more like a kennel rather than a house.

That situation may really not be your Golden Retriever dog’s fault. Your dog may be suffering from a disease called Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) which makes it pee all the time.

 Dog UTI Symptoms 

Other Dog UTI symptoms towards your Golden Retriever dog will also include the following:

  • The smell of the urine becomes foul;
  • There is blood present in the urine;
  • The dog has difficulty or has a painful time when urinating;
  • The lower abdomen becomes tenderer;
  • The lower abdomen is located in the area of the bladder;
  • Dog experiences fever;
  • Dog becomes lethargic.

Have your Golden Retriever dog checked out immediately when you see these signs present. Because other diseases like urinary stones or obstructions also have the same symptoms. The vet can identify what is really bothering your dog and give the proper treatment.

When your pet is female, there is a higher chance that it can develop Dog UTI symptoms. This is because of the shorter urethra it has compared to males. Male pets also greatly increase their chances of having UTI when they are neutered. When neutered dogs experience incontinence they will have a greater chance of developing Urinary Tract Infection In Dogs.

The vet will diagnose who you suspect has Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) by testing the Golden Retriever dog’s urine. The urine test will examine the urine for abnormal substances such as blood, sugar, white blood cells or protein.

Urine sample can be acquired in two ways. One way is by getting the Golden Retriever dog to urinate in the container. The other way will draw urine directly from the bladder through a catheter or directly inserting a needle (OUCH!!).

If bacteria are present after all the testing has been done, this means your dog has Urinary Tract Infection In (UTI). The vet will then prescribe certain antibiotics to treat the condition.

Dog Uti Treatment And Prevention

Prevention has always been the best way of Dog UTI Treatment. Here are some remedies for UTI or some ways that you can do at home to prevent UTI ruining both you and your Golden Retriever dog’s life.

  • Make sure the dog has access to lots of clean and fresh water.
  • Prevent the dog from controlling his urine. Let it out immediately when it’s calling you out to pee.
  • Walk your dog at least twice a day, this will help make the dog urinate more and reduces infection risk.

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