Best Collar for Golden Retriever Dog or Puppy

Best Collar for Golden Retriever Dog or Puppy in 2018.

TChoosing the Best Collar for Golden Retriever Dog or PuppyAs all golden retriever owners know, the most important golden retriever accessory is their collar. However, there are so many different kinds of golden retriever collars. The owners don’t know which one is best collar for golden retriever. Personality, activity levels and the size of your golden retriever are important. All need to be taken into consideration before choosing the Best Collar for Golden Retriever and purchasing it.

Traditional Slip Collar For Golden Retriever.

There is three common kinds of golden retriever collars to choose from.  These collars are available in a variety of shapes, materials and sizes. The first one is the traditional Slip Collar. This type of collar, more commonly known as the choke chain, comes with both benefits and drawbacks. Most golden retriever owners never use this type of collar to hurt or choke their DOGS. But it can affect your golden retriever’s ability to breathe if pulled too tight. Usually constructed of a single strand of chain with two loops on each end, the collar is created as one end of the chain is pulled through one loop, creating a circle that is then placed over the golden retriever’s head. The loose loop is attached to a leash or anchor chain. When used properly, it is an effective training and walking tool.

The Buckle-type Is One Of My Best Collar for Golden Retriever.

Another type of golden retriever collar is the buckle-type.  This collar is made out of various materials such as plastic, leather and polyester or nylon fibers. These types of collars are strong, yet such a collar must not be too tight or too lose. Else it becomes useless to a golden retriever owner. Make sure that you can slide at least one or two fingers between your golden retriever’s neck muscles and the collar when fitting this one. Also, keep in mind that when walking, your golden retriever may become excited. And he or she may be able to twist or wiggle their way out of that collar, leaving you holding the end of a leash with the collar attached while your golden retriever is racing off to destinations unknown.

Body Harness Collars For a Larger Golden Retrievers.

Body harness collars are popular with owners of larger DOGS.  It does not come with the inherent dangers that traditional around-the-neck collars do. Leashes can clip to the harness at the shoulder, or around the chest area on most models. So, this will provide optimum control. Especially for those who like to take their golden retrievers out walking or running every day. Make sure that no matter which type of golden retriever collar you purchase for your golden retriever that it is adequate for the purposes for which you bought it. Try to teach golden retrievers from puppydom to obey and heel. This will keep your reliance on a DOG collar to a minimum. After all, ensuring the comfort and safety of your golden retriever should always be your first priority.

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