How Often Should I Walk My Golden Retriever?

golden retriever walking 3How Often Should I Walk My Golden Retriever?

The answer to how often you should walk your golden retriever depends on many things. It’s different for every DOG.

First, it depends greatly on breed type and breed size. Smaller DOGS may get tired faster than larger DOGS. Also, some breeds are bred to be more active than others. For instance, herding DOGS, such as border collies, tend to be high-energy and require a lot of exercise.

Another factor is how much exercise the golden retriever gets on your own property. If you have a large yard that the golden retriever spends a lot of time playing in then the golden retriever may not physically need to go on walks as much as a golden retriever that stays mostly in the house. Family or other pets can also contribute to your individual golden retriever’s exercise. Although playing with the family is no substitute for a good walk, it can help to lower a golden retriever’s energy level a little bit. If you have a golden retriever that tends to get overly excited when out on walks, it might be a good idea to try to tire it out just a little bit at home through family activities before taking it on a walk.

It’s also important to consider not just your golden retriever’s physical requirements, but also its mental requirements. As humans, most of us do not like to be cooped up in our houses all the time. We get bored seeing and doing the same things over and over. Golden Retrievers are no different. A golden retriever that isn’t getting out enough will become bored, frustrated and sometimes even destructive. For instance, just as we might chew our nails when bored, a golden retriever might chew a couch.

Remember that golden retrievers can be just as bored on the same walk all the time as they can be when they are not going for walks at all. In fact, walking at the same exact time in the same exact place every day will probably start to bore you quickly too. It’s important to change your walk up a bit once in a while and expose your golden retriever and yourself to new things.

While there is the expectation that certain breeds need more exercise than others, each golden retriever is an individual. Evaluate how your individual golden retriever reacts to walks, as well as to certain amounts of time in the house, and adjust your walking schedule and the length of each walk accordingly. You and your golden retriever will both be happier and healthier that way.

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