The Phases of Rabies & Preventative Measures For Golden Retrievers

Phases of Rabies For Golden Retrievers

The Phases of Rabies & Preventative Measures For Golden Retrievers

Vaccinating your golden retriever from rabies is one of the m ost important preventative measures to ensure its health. Since, the rabies virus is a slow developing illness that spreads slowly, a vaccination can be the difference between a long life and fatality. Review the following phases of rabies

Subsequent to being in contact with the rabies virus, a DOG, cat or other pet will endure from one to all phases of the disease. However, not all animals experience the same symptoms. For instance, only a few skunks may not exhibit any overt symptoms, but it can become a lifelong carrier of rabies. Nevertheless, the vast majority of infected animals spread throughout the nipped animal’s nerve endings to the direction of the brain.

As the rabies virus gradually progresses, it has an average incubation period from exposure to the brain from three to eight weeks in DOGS. In felines, the incubation period is between two and six weeks. Amongst humans, the incubation ranges from three to six weeks. Despite the average incubation periods, in humans incubations have lasted as long as a year in individuals and six months in canine.

Once the rabies virus reaches the brain, it distributes itself to the salivary glands where it was transmitted via biting. Generally, animals where the virus has reached the brain, an animal will bear one, two, or even all three of the various phases:

  • Prodromal phase
  • Furious phase
  • Paralytic (dumb) phase

Prodromal phase is the initial stage of the rabies virus. It transpires from two to three days in canines. Other DOG symptoms include the following: a fever, solitude, nervousness, anxiety and apprehension. Loving DOGS may show signs of irritability, shyness. Aggressive canines will act unlike themselves, abnormally affectionate. Constant licking the site of the bite is prevalent.

Both the furious and paralytic or dumb phase are just as the stage implies and last one to seven and two to four days respectively in DOGS.

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