Golden Retriever And Cat : How To Get Them Used To Each Other?

Golden Retriever And Cat : How To Get Them Used To Each Other?

Golden retriever and cat -2Obviously, some golden retriever and cats can and do get along, as there are many households where both golden retriever and cat coexist peacefully. However, all animals are individuals and have individual responses, so introducing a specific cat to a specific golden retriever can sometimes be a challenge.

The easiest way to help ensure that your golden retriever and cat will get along is for you to adopt a golden retriever dog and a cat that have already been living with the opposite species at some point.

It’s also important to remember that many species of DOGS have a very strong instinct to hunt prey. In such cases, it will probably take more time to get your DOG and cat to be friends, rather than hunter and hunted, but it is usually possible if you have the patience.

In case of Golden retriever dogs, one way to get your dog and cat used to each other is to put one in a crate, usually the cat, and bring it into the room where the other is present. Then you can reward both animals for being calm in each other’s presence and you will not be dealing with the potential for a fight.

It’s also important not to punish your pets (Golden retriever dog or cat). If you punish one pet for going after the other then that generally just makes the pet more careful about not letting you catch them, it doesn’t actually stop the behavior.

Remember getting your Golden retriever and cat used to each other needs a lot of patience. By having some patience, knowing the traits of the individual pet and rewarding the good behavior, while ignoring the bad, most golden retriever dogs and cats are capable of, if not loving each other, at least tolerating each other.

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