Tips On Building a Golden Retriever House

Tips On Building a Golden Retriever House

Building a Golden Retriever House - 2There are many things to consider before building a golden retriever house for your pet. The size of the golden retriever house is going to be your first consideration, then the materials you need to construct it, and then, how you’re going to insulate it from inclement weather.

Most people build golden retriever houses out of plywood, with a flat roof, though others take a little more care and create fancy designs that include siding and sloped roofs. No matter what your design, make sure that the materials you use to construct the golden retriever house are sturdy and will provide protection from rain and snow.

When considering the type of roof to put on the golden retriever house, keep in mind that it must be watertight. You wouldn’t want to sleep under a leaky roof and your golden retriever doesn’t either. Make sure that water drains adequately to keep it from puddling on the roof and then seeping in through nail holes and cracks. Better yet, top the roof with tarpaper and shingles.

Make sure that the golden retriever house you build is large enough for your golden retriever to turn around in and move around a little. The golden retriever should be able to stand without ducking his or her head, and should also allow for padding, blankets or straw during colder months. Leave a large enough opening for the golden retriever to easily enter and exit the golden retriever house, and then attach a golden retrievergie door if desired, to keep the warmth in and the cold winter rain and snow out. Golden Retrievergie doors can be removed in warmer weather.

Padding the interior of the golden retriever house with insulating materials such as straw, shredded newspapers, blankets or other materials may help to insulate older golden retrievers from inclement weather and provide relief from arthritic joints. Try to provide not only shelter for your golden retriever, but comfort as well when you build that golden retriever house. After all, think about how you would feel about sleeping in it. If you wouldn’t like it, then you’ve got some improvements to make.

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