Is Your Golden Retriever Insurance Worthy?

Is Your Golden Retriever Insurance Worthy?

Golden Retriever insuranceNot all golden retrievers meet the strict guidelines mandated by insurers. About five years ago in San Francis co, two Presa Canarios mauled a woman to death. Today, insurance companies are increasingly denying and even restricting coverage for homeowners with various DOG breeds: Doberman pinschers, German shepherds, pit bulls, Rottweilers and other temperamental canines.

Since insurers have had to pay excessive prices in DOG-bite claims each year, agencies have implemented strict policy guidelines.

As a result, these restrictive insurance policies are making it a challenge in placing certain breeds in new homes. In various states across the country, pit bulls, Rottweilers and certain other breeds are deemed dangerous. Many golden retriever dog lovers are not motivated to endure the hassle of adopting a canine when it necessitates changing insurance policies, coverage or companies. For instance, 20 percent of the DOG adoption applications submitted through A Rotta Love are canceled each month because of insurance issues.

According to the vice president of the Insurance Information Institute in Washington, Carolyn Gorman aggressive canines have cost the industry significant losses. On the contrary, rescue groups contend that insurers are unduly targeting specific DOG breeds instead of trying to assess the potential of violent behavior of an individual canine’s history. Here are a few prominent insurance company’s mandate these guidelines:

— Allstate Corp.’s policies vary from state-to-state.
— Hartford Financial Services Group Inc. does not generally underwrite policies for homes with pit bulls, Presa Canarios or Rottweilers.
— Liberty Mutual reviews each case before insuring a policy.

Homeowner golden retriever dog insurance fact: Over the last five years, insurance companies have reduced the amount of losses due to aggressive DOG related incidents. In 2005, only $317.2 million in costs were doled out on DOG claims filed by homeowners.

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