The Golden Retriever Personality

Golden Retriever Personality

The Golden Retriever Personality

The Golden Retriever personality is a big part of what makes each one a very unique dog. If you’ve owned more than one of these lovely dogs, you know what I mean.

All Golden retrievers are special in their own way. Dog personalities differ as tremendously as people personalities.

Does that surprise you? Probably not, if you’ve ever owned or been around more than one dog in your lifetime. That’s why you need to consider each pup’s unique personality when picking your perfect puppy.

Did you know you can also help shape the Golden Retriever personality from a very early age? Everything you do in the way of training and interacting with your pup on a daily basis will help him further develop his own unique “self.”

So what is personality, anyway? One definition is, “the sum total of the physical, mental, emotional, and social characteristics of an individual.” That means we have to include the old “nature versus nurture” discussion when it comes to dog breed personality types.

The personality of Golden Retrievers (and all dogs, for that matter) is a combination of their breeding, training, and environment.

Traits and Consistency in the Golden Retriever Personality

Golden Retriever Personality - TraitsThe American Kennel Club’s Golden Retriever breed standard describes the Golden retriever’s personality as “eager, alert and self-confident.” Let’s see what that really means, as it relates to your own canine companion.

While allowing for individual quirks, the personality traits of Golden Retriever dogs tend to be consistent in a number of ways.

Let’s look at a few reasons why that friendly personality has kept him in the Top Five of breed popularity for many years.

A Golden Retriever makes a great family pet, as he’s gentle with children and has a patient tolerance for their endless attentions. After all, he’s just a kid at heart anyway. He wants to play as much asthey do!

Oftentimes, the Golden Retriever personality includes a strong nurturing instinct. That comes in really handy with a house full of young children. Even as a puppy, our Peaches loved to keep the kids company.

She stuck close to them whether they were playing in the yard or relaxing in beanbag chairs (seen here).

Goldens are always eager to please, responding to your requests with their ever-present smile!. They usually enjoy learning anything you want to teach them. That makes them easier to train than many other breeds.

Dog obedience training is one place they really shine, because of this people-pleasing personality.

Golden Retrievers are also star performers in the relatively new sport of Canine Freestyle. That’s a fun type of competition where dogs get to dance with their owners. No kidding!

The owners put together beautifully choreographed dance routines, and both dogs and owners have a great time.

Freestyle capitalizes on the intelligence and fun-loving sense of humor of the personality of Golden Retrievers. Their gentleness also makes them favorites as Golden Reriever therapy dogs.

The wonderfully positive personality of Golden Retrievers makes them extremely successful guide dogs for the blind  and assistance dogs.

This loving personality is portrayed in their patience, strong bond with people, and eager willingness to learn.

Goldens are well-mannered, reliable and trustworthy. That makes them worth their weight in gold to the people who depend on them to be their eyes and ears.

Because of the easygoing personality of Golden Retrievers, most Goldens generally get along very well with all people and other animals.

Ruby, the Golden we took in from an animal shelter for a month, had a vendetta against cats that was quite uncharacteristic of her breed. We figured she had some “baggage” from an old run-in with a feline foe.

Peaches, on the other hand, loved every living creature–even our African Grey parrot, Rebel!

Golden Retrievers are so affectionate, they’d love to be lapdogs–and may still try to crawl into your lap in spite of their size! They’re in seventh heaven just lying at your feet or going for car rides around town.

In spite of their size, Goldens make lousy guard dogs. They’ve never met a stranger they didn’t like!

Although they’re not generally nuisance barkers, they’re happy to announce the arrival of visitors–and welcome them into the house with lots of happy tail wagging.

A major part of the personality of Golden Retrievers is that they are friendly, lovable, playful companions. They just love to be with their “pack”!.

Think about the personality differences when you pick your precious puppy from a litter.

Some Golden Retrievers are happy to join in whatever’s going on (like playing dress-up with the kids, as Peaches enjoys here with my daughter Tracy).

Others need several long walks or runs every day to burn up their exuberant energy.

Whether your own pup fits the “normal” guidelines of the typical personality of Golden Retrievers, or has a few quirks that put him into the “slightly different” category, he’s still a Very Important Pooch!

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