How to Choose a Great Golden Retriever

 Choose a Great Golden Retriever 2

How to Choose a Great Golden Retriever

Finding a new (DOG or puppy) addition to your family is similar to searching for the ideal life partner. Since you are selecting a living being that will spend its waking hours with you and your family for the rest of your life, many considerations should be weighed.

The first step to finding the perfect puppy or DOG is to spend time with it. The way a golden retriever interacts with you. Do you want an aggressive Golden Retriever or a more submissive one? Moreover, a golden retriever that is attentive to you is more apt to be in tuned with your expectations. Watch the golden retriever’s response to you help you to determine your compatibility.

Although a certain degree of apprehension on the prospective new, family member is expected, as long as a bond is forged when you handle him or her. The canine should be receptive to your hand gestures, voice or interaction. An overly aggressive, shy or traumatized golden retriever is a sign of a canine that will require special training and attention. If you have the time, money and energy to habituate a potentially problematic golden retriever dog, it will prove to be demanding.

Check out the golden retriever’s mobility, movement and coordination. Canines exhibiting alert, responsive and balanced movement tend to be healthy. Limping and hesitant movements can be signs of other health issues. Your prospective new golden retriever should demonstrate a little interest in you.

Use the following checklist to conduct a thorough physical inspection :

  •  Examine the golden retriever from its nose to its tail.
  •  Evaluate the golden retriever’s stationary stance.
  •  Look for lucid eyes.
  •  The coat should appear shiny, luster and clean.
  •  Make sure the gums are pink and healthy.
  •  Check the golden retriever’s stomach for any unusual bulges (could be an indication of a worms, bloating or a hernia).

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