Winter Golden Retriever Care Tips

Winter Golden Retriever Care Tips

Winter Golden Retriever Care Tips 2A review on the do’s and don’ts on caring for a golden retriever over the winter month. Did you know most golden retrievers are lost during winter months than any other time of the year? To ensure the safety of your golden retriever, during the harsh winter months, try these golden retriever care recommendations:

** Always make sure your golden retriever’s ID tag is properly affixed before heading out into the great outdoors.

** Following a heavy snow or during extreme conditions that may induce ice, never allow your golden retriever to roam freely without a leash. It’s easy for a canine to fall through ice or stumble across other potentially dangerous incidents.

** In the winter, Golden retriever dogs with long hair do not require shaving. Their coat can provide the warmth they need to stay comfortably. Remember to completely dry your canine after giving it a bath during the winter months.

** Never leave an unattended golden retriever in a vehicle during a wintry, blustery day. Leaving a golden retriever or cat alone in the car is tantamount to leaving a canine in a refrigerator or freezer, increasing the possibility of your pet freezing to death.

** Canines with short-hair may require a sweater or coat to keep them warm. Look for golden retrievergie ware that covers the neck to as least the base of the belly or tail. (in example turtleneck or a high collar)

** Prior to bringing your golden retriever in from icy, snowy or wet and cold weather, be sure to thoroughly wipe off its paws, legs and stomach. Since many canines groom themselves by licking their stomach, legs or paws be sure to wipe them thoroughly. Salt and antifreeze may be potentially fatal when ingested. Not to mention, paw pads may bleed from both snow and encrusted ice.

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