Finding a Golden Retriever Show

Golden retriever show Finding a Golden Retriever Show

Whether you’re looking for a golden retriever show in your area to enjoy as a spectator or as a participant, the best place to start looking is online. The official website for the American Kennel Club is a great place to start, as is the Westminster Kennel Club. Each of these organizations lists golden retriever show calendars on their pages.

All Breed DOG shows are the most common type of DOG show, and most fun to attend, where dozens, if not hundreds of DOGS are shown, eliminated or prized until an award is usually given for Best of Show, or Best of Breed. Golden Retriever shows can offer male-only or female-only shows, as well as Puppy Class shows, which will show puppies in the 6-9 month, 9-12 month and 12-18 month age groups. Novice golden retriever shows are held for golden retrievers that have never been awarded any ribbons, while an American Breed golden retriever show will only accept golden retrievers whelped in America. Open Class shows are events that bring thousands of spectators every year.

Other DOG registries also list shows that focus on particular breeds like golden retrievers, so depending on your curiosity, you might want to find listings for several different shows in your area. If you’re interested in showing a golden retriever, it’s best to attend several shows before you officially enter, as you’ll learn how the golden retriever show world is organized as well as customs, expectations and manners that are involved in such events. Golden Retriever magazines will often also contain listings of golden retriever show events by region or state.

Another place to look for golden retriever shows in your area is in the classified section of your community newspaper, especially under the Animals or Pets listings on weekends. Other sources of golden retriever show information may also come from local veterinary offices. Another location where golden retriever shows may be advertised is local pet stores, especially the large, national chains such as Pets Mart, who may even sponsor such events on a local level.

Finding a golden retriever show in your area is not difficult if you know where to look and who to ask. When in doubt, contact the American Kennel Club and ask for a roster of their events. Whoever you speak with will also be more than happy to help you find information on upcoming shows or schedules in your area.

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