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How To Train a Dog With a Clicker

How To Train a Dog With a ClickerIf you have recently bought a golden retriever, the question ‘how to train a dog with clicker?’ might be popping up in your mind. Here are some tips to help you out in the process. Clicker training is a process that makes use of positive reinforcement to make your Golden retriever learn the right kind of behavior. In this, the trainer uses a clicker device as and when the dog abides by any of the commands given to him. As and when the dog performs correctly, the click is sounded. For instance, if you ordered your dog to lie down, the click sound should come on the same time when the dog lies down.

The idea behind using a clicker for dog training is to make your golden retriever dog understand what is expected of him. This training is incomplete without rewards. You will have to treat your dog immediately after he does something right and you sound the clicker. He will get an idea that the click is associated with a pleased owner. The dog will thus know when you will be happy or angry with him. You should not replace praise with clicks. After every god deed, praise your dog so that he too feels good. If you are thinking of clicker training your dog, here are three ways to do so.

  1.  Start the process with minimum distractions – you will first have to show the dog what the device is. Place yourself in front of him and click once. After you click, treat him to something nice. This will be the time where he did not have to make any efforts to get the treat but will get to understand the association between a click and a treat. Always give a treat after you click; even when the click came accidentally. It’s about getting the dog to have faith in the clicker.
  2.  Click only once – even when he has done a wonderful job, you need not click more than once. You will find your dog not obeying you if you do this. This happens because the clicks become inconsistent and the dog becomes confused about the treat routine.
  3.  Do not stretch your training sessions – keep the training session of about five to seven minutes. According to a number of studies, the effect on dogs with a clicker training, is much more and fast than many other dog trainings.

“How to train a dog with clicker?” is one thing that comes to the mind of every dog owner. They should know that clicker training is one of the best methods that take the help of positive reinforcement and not harsh punishment. This method can thus be used safely and effectively with your dog. You will now no longer have to think about how to train a dog with clicker as you know these wonderful tips. This training process might not be used all across the globe but it brings results for sure. Follow this training and keep your dog happy by giving him occasional treats. Your dog too would love to be trained.

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