Dog Shampoo :Can You Wash A Dog With Regular Shampoo?

Dog Shampoo for golden retrievers - Can You Wash A Dog With Regular Shampoo 1

Dog Shampoo :Can You Wash A Dog With Regular Shampoo?

Dog shampoo should be selected based on any particular problems your Golden Retriever dog might have and why you want to bathe him.

Is your Golden Retriever getting a bit smelly and greasy?

Does he need to get rid of fleas?

Is he suffering from dry skin?

Does he have an itch of unknown origin?

Do you want to make him shine for a show?

Let’s take a look at each situation and see what might work best for your dog.

Dog Shampoo Basics – can you wash a dog with regular shampoo?

Dog Shampoo for golden retrievers - Can You Wash A Dog With Regular ShampooFirst of all, you should never  wash a dog with regular shampoo (human shampoo) even baby shampoo.

His skin and hair pH are very different from yours. So, the best dog shampoo for your pup will effectively cleanse away dirt and excess oils.

It will also get rid of all those bits of “whatever” that your dog collects on his daily romps.

It should lather up easily, producing fewer suds.

It needs to rinse out quickly and thoroughly without leaving a residue that can irritate your pup’s skin.

The end result should always be a beautiful, shiny coat.

Dog Shampoo For Dry Skin

Does your Golden Retriever suffer from flaky, dry skin?

That’s a common problem in the winter.

That’s because indoor heating tends to suck the moisture out of the air–and everything else.

You can help transform your Golden Retriever dog’s dull, dry coat to a beautiful, glossy shine–and reduce his skin’s dryness–by adding essential fatty acids to his food.

Also, make sure he’s getting plenty of fresh water to drink.

In addition, don’t bathe him more frequently than you absolutely have to when his skin is already dry, as each bath removes protective oils from his skin.

But when it’s finally bath time, buy a brand of shampoo that contains natural moisturizers like essential fatty acids, aloe vera and Vitamin E.

Cautions About Dog Shampoo For Fleas

If your dog has fleas, you may need to purchase a special flea shampoo.

Don’t settle for a cheap imitation.

Get the brand your veterinarian recommends, even if it costs a little more.

Check with your vet to make sure the chemicals in the shampoo won’t conflict with any other flea treatments you’re using.

Be sure to follow label directions on the flea shampoo.

Avoid getting it in your Golden Retriever dog’s eyes or mouth.

Start by applying the shampoo around his head and neck.

This will keep the fleas from escaping into your dog’s ears (a favorite trick of fleas!).

The suds will probably need to sit on your dog for several minutes before rinsing.

Bring a timer in with you, and use the time to practice your singing skills (or lack thereof) or read a funny story to your dog.

He’ll love spending time with you, even if he has to wear a coat of suds while doing so.

Make sure you rinse thoroughly. You don’t want your Golden Retriever dog accidentally ingesting these strong chemicals by grooming himself after his bath.

Dog Shampoo For A Dog With Itchy Skin

Fleas, insect bites and general skin irritation can all cause itching in dogs.

Hydrocortisone provides safe relief from this itching, as its purpose is to reduce inflammation.

Many hydrocortisone dog shampoos contain aloe vera as well, to help soothe the skin.

Anti-itch shampoos should only be used when your dog is itchy.

They’re not intended to take the place of regular dog shampoos that you would use on a more frequent basis.

If your dog’s itchy skin is caused by a skin allergy (common in Golden Retrievers) or sensitive skin, you might try a hypoallergenic shampoo formulated for dogs.

If your pooch has a specific skin condition, your veterinarian may recommend you use a medicated shampoo, either a prescription brand or a high-quality product carried by pet supply stores.

Dog Shampoo for golden retriever - Can You Wash A Dog With Regular Shampoo 2

What About Homemade Dog Shampoo?

I found several interesting recipes for inexpensive homemade dog shampoo on the Internet, but since I haven’t tried any of them myself, I can’t personally recommend them.

If you go that route, just research the ingredients carefully to make sure the pH will agree with your Golden Retriever dog’s coat and skin. I’m all for being frugal with homemade shampoo, as long as it’s good for my dog, too!

Another Type of Dog Shampoo — Dry Shampoo!

If your pup is getting greasy and smelly but you don’t want to

go through the hassle of dog bathing right now, you might try using dry shampoo.

This is a powdered product that absorbs dirt, grease and other particles from the fur.

All you have to do is rub the powder into your dog’s coat and wait for a specified period of time.

Then brush his coat thoroughly, and you’re done!

Brands of dry shampoo can vary in quality, however.

Some may irritate your pet’s eyes, nose and mouth.

Others may leave a white powder in your pet’s hair.

Still others may be difficult to remove from his coat with a brush.

A low-cost alternative to dry dog shampoo is plain old baking soda.

Just sprinkle baking soda onto your Golden Retriever dog’s coat, rub it in with your hands, then follow up with a good brushing.

It reportedly leaves your dog’s coat shiny, clean and odor-free. (I haven’t tried it on my own dogs yet.)

Why does it work? Baking soda neutralizes odors, while its gritty texture grabs and removes stuck-on dirt and oils.

It’s inexpensive, fragrance-free, neutralizes odors rather than covering them up, has no harsh chemicals to irritate your dog’s skin, and is considered a natural flea killer.

It’s not meant to eliminate dog bathing entirely, but rather to freshen up Freddy in between baths.

Dog Shampoo For the Show Ring

Pet supply stores sell a wide variety of shampoos designed to enhance your dog’s natural color.

Colored shampoo is used to boost natural color. Dog whitening shampoo will help brighten white or cream coats.

If your dog needs to look his best for the show ring or some other special occasion, you might give them a try.

Check Dog Shampoo Ingredients Carefully

Many dog shampoos contain vitamins that are good for your Golden Retriever dog’s skin and coat.

Vitamin B5 and biotin are popular shampoo ingredients that assist in hair thickening. Vitamin E is great for your dog’s skin, so look for that ingredient, too.

The shampoo you select for your dog should never include artificial fragrances. Dogs are much more sensitive to odors than we are. What might smell pleasant to you could be overpowering to your pooch.

However, you might try an organic shampoo for dogs that contains natural scents like chamomile or lavender. They reportedly help repel bugs in addition to providing a pleasant odor.

If you still have questions about which kind of dog shampoo you should use for your particular situation, discuss it with your veterinarian or call some local dog groomers and ask for their recommendations.

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