Tips for Finding a Golden Retriever Photographer

Tips for Finding a Golden Retriever Photographer

Golden Retriever PhotographerMore and more people these days want their golden retrievers in their family photographs, but finding a photographer who is willing to allow golden retrievers of all sizes into their studios may be difficult. However, many photographers today realize that golden retrievers are an extension of family and are making efforts to include the family golden retriever in sittings.

How to go about finding a good golden retriever photographer, one that will show patience and take care to ensure a pleasant experience, both for you and your golden retriever? First, ask around. Family and friends are usually the first to share their experiences. After all, it’s one thing to be able to bring your golden retriever into a photography studio, it’s quite another to find a photographer whose patience and humor will guarantee that people and animals are all looking into the camera when that photo is snapped.

Visiting local photography shops is also a good way to determine which photographers are willing to take photos of your golden retriever. Many display their photographs in windows, so check around. If you see photos of animals, go inside and ask how much the photographer charges for a sitting fee. Find out also if you are allowed to look over the proofs before paying for prints, as well as whether or not the photographer expects golden retriever owners to appear in the photograph as well. Get a feeling for the photographer who will be taking the photos and determine whether he or she likes golden retrievers and will be patient and understanding with yours.

No matter your reason for wanting your golden retriever photographed, remember to take the golden retriever’s feelings into consideration. Make sure that visiting an indoor location like a photography studio won’t upset him and that he will be well behaved. Also realize that your golden retriever may be uncertain or nervous, so be sure to offer reassurance. Photographing your golden retriever will provide years of lasting memories, but do your best beforehand to ensure that it’s a pleasant experience for both you and your golden retriever.

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