How to Find Golden Retriever Friendly Hotels When I Travel

How to Find Golden Retriever Friendly Hotels When I Travel

Golden retriever hotelIf you are planning to travel with your golden retriever, you should start the research process far in advance. Finding a golden retriever-friendly hotel is not something that you should be doing at the very last minute when you are stuck in unfamiliar surroundings.

A good thing to do first is to research the subject. Many pet and travel websites have good listings for golden retriever friendly hotels. Also, any good pet books and magazines should be a wealth of information on the subject.

Asking friends and family for recommendations is also a good option, especially if you know that they’ve taken their golden retrievers to a destination near where you are planning to take your golden retriever.

Once you’ve acquired a list of possible hotels, call ahead. Some hotels only accept certain types or sizes of pet. It’s good to make sure that your golden retriever fits any size, breed type or other requirements.

This phone call is also a good time to ask about rates. Some golden retriever friendly hotels ask that you sign an agreement to pay extra if your golden retriever damages anything. Some require that you pay money upfront in case, but give it back to you when your stay is over if nothing has been damaged. Other hotels require that you pay a nightly fee per pet per night.

Use the phone call to ask other questions that you may have as well. For instance, ask if there are golden retriever walking services, golden retriever daycare or other options available during your stay. The more information you can learn ahead of time the more prepared you’ll be when you arrive.

In short, finding a golden retriever friendly hotel is all about being prepared ahead of time. That way you won’t find yourself stranded with nowhere for your golden retriever to stay in the middle of the night in strange surroundings. Make your next trip safe and fun for you and for your golden retriever by planning everything ahead.

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