Getting Out Of The DOG Pound : Steps As A Golden Retriever Onwer

Golden Retriever dog pound

Getting Out Of The DOG Pound : Steps As A Golden Retriever Onwer

For many golden retriever owners, there is nothing quite so frightening as to discover that your golden retriever has somehow gotten out of the yard and may be wandering around the neighborhood. Thoughts of accidents cause many pet owners to cringe, and they set out immediately to find their missing pooch. Hours may go by as streets and neighborhoods are searched, and depending on how long you believe your golden retriever has been out of your yard, you have a couple of options. One is to continue looking for your animal yourself. Another option is to call local veterinarian’s offices, as many people who find a golden retriever wandering around will take it to their nearest vet’s office.

You may save yourself some anguish however, if you first contact your local DOG pound or humane society. If your golden retriever dog is licensed, they will be able to locate you according to the identification number imprinted in the DOG tag. If you have etched the golden retriever’s name as well as a phone number or address on the tag, you’ll most probably have even better luck.

Call the local DOG pound and notify them that your pet is missing. Identify your golden retriever and try to give them an approximate time as to when your golden retriever went missing. Ask if they have received any new golden retrievers within the time frame you know your golden retriever dog to have gotten away, and prepare to visit them if necessary. Try not to be alarmed, but do realize that DOG pounds can only keep stray golden retrievers for a limited amount of time. If no one claims them, usually within 72 hours to a week, they will put the golden retrievers up for adoption.

When you find your golden retriever dog, or if a pound notifies you that they have your golden retriever dog, be prepared to pay a small fee for any food or medical attention provided to your golden retriever dog while in the care of the pound or humane society. Taking steps to ensure the safety of your pet by having your golden retriever dog properly licensed will help to alleviate a lot of stress in the event the golden retriever gets out of the yard, and for a few extra dollars, that kind of peace of mind is hard to come by.

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